Miro Zahra,
"Painting as a gesture of freedom" (according to Vilem Flusser)
Colour, structure and process

From an epistemological point of view depiction is a process with the capacity for feedback. Here systems of things and relations etc. are depicted in systems of thoughts, experience and theories etc. This is how an inner model of the outer world arises. However, this model is not a static entity; rather it is constantly in motion and is characterised by the ability to communicate.  Painting liberated itself from the function of portrayal a long time ago, instead coming to grips with the conditions of colour, colour material and image carriers. Colour and structure become the medium for communication here. More than anything else, colour is a subjective, sensual phenomenon corresponding to the inner mental and emotional nature of both the artist and the beholder. There are innumerable methods by which artists can encounter reality. Painting as an artistic act is one possible way of coming closer to the world around and within us.

A picture identifies and testifies to the work and creation process. This is the only source from which its existence as a poetic, pictorial object is nurtured and matures into reality.